Slimming Herb Tea for Detox Weight loss


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Slimming Herb Tea

Slimming Tea Herb from German Herb (Thai) Co. is the most popular Slimming Tea in Thailand and Asia.

German Herb Sliming Tea contains only natural ingredients. This slimming tea is fine for women and men alike. If you enjoy drinking tea each day, then this product is suitable for your lifestyle.

Features A herbal beverage Slimming Herb is good for overweighted persons who do not want to control food consumption Prevents accumulation of fat It nourishes and accelerates ‘internal cleansing’ of the body


  • Loosen the bowels by providing constipation relief and
  • promoting regularity of motions.
  • Prevents accumulation of fat.
  • No side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation.
  • Prevents the loss of minerals in the body.

Ingredients :

  • Large flower 65%
  • Hawthorne 8%
  • Chamomile 4%
  • Radish 3%
  • Carmelia 3%
  • Steering bean 3%
  • Morning-glory 4%

Do not use boiling or hot water and do not boil!
Simply pour a cup of cold water over a teabag of Sliming Herb and let steep for about 30 minutes.
Then sip the clear tea.
One dose two times daily to be taken in the morning and before sleeping.

Size: 1 box = 50 teabags

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