Hirudoid Cream 40g For Scars


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Hirudoid Cream 40g

Hirudoid cream prevents the formation of blood clots in the vein system close to the surface or promotes their dissolving. It accelerates the absorption of haemorrhages and inflammatory infiltrates and inhibits surface inflammation processes. Pain and the feeling of tension diminish and local blood flow is improved.


Treatment of varicose veins, edema, phlebitis and venous congestion, hematomas, contusions and bruises.


Hirudoid Cream should only be used on the unbroken skin and should not be brought in contact with open wounds, the eyes or mucous membranes.

Directions for Use :

If not otherwise directed by the physician, a length of cream (3-5 cm) should be applied to or gently massaged into the affected area once or twice daily.

In cases of particularly painful inflammation or thrombosis, the affected area and its environs should be gently covered with Hirudoid and a dressing applied. Hirudoid should also be massaged gently into the surrounds of the affected area, so as to intensify the total effect.

For the softening of hard scars, the cream should be massaged forcefully into the area.

The anticoagulant effect can be neutralized by Protamine Sulphate if uncontrolled bleeding should occur.

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