Botan Mint Balls Mouth Freshener


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Botan Mint Balls

Botan Mint Balls Original Herbal Mouth and Breath Freshener with Triple Action two coated two layers help cool and fresh in the mouth with Menthol and core is Licorice help to soothe in Throat. You are enjoyable activity for your mouth.

  • Mouth and Breath Freshener with Boton Mint-Ball.
  • Trible Action ( Coated 2 layers with Menthol, centre core with Licorice).
  • Sugar-Free.
  • Long Lasting Fresh in Mouth and Soothing in Throat
  • The product of Thailand.(Ship from Thailand)

Isomalt 86.0% , Menthol-Mint 1.25% , Licoric 5.0% , Acesulfame-K 0.15% , Aspartame 0.15% , Artificial Clour and Flavour.

Net weight = 5g

contains: 25 balls

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