Bad Breath Figther Botan Herbal Plus




Bad Breath Fighter Botan Herbal Mouth Freshener Plus

Having a bad breath? Botan Herbal Mouth Freshener with Peppermint Flavor and enjoyable activity for your mouth, This candy made from 100% Natural Herbal as Licorice (Glycyrrhiza) and Peppermint to help Long Lasting fresh in Mouth and Soothing in Throat.

  • Glycyrrhiza Extract – is good for mouth freshener up after eating food. Make your mouth fresh with pleasantly smelling. It is also good for soothing dry, irritated & sore throat.

Directions: Put few piece of Botan into your mouth after finish your food. Use daily.

Ingredients: Glycyrrhiza 80.0%, Peppermint oil 3.7%, Herbal sweetener

net weight = 4.5 g per piece

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6 pieces, 12 pieces, 24 pieces


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