Nexcare Acne Patch 3M Pimple Sticker


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3M Nexcare Acne Patch Pimple Sticker 18 pcs (circle pattern)

3M Nexcare Acne Patch is an easy and effective solution to acne problem. Hydrocolloid dressing absorbs secretion and promotes healing of acne. The dressing protects acne from dirt and other contaminants. Waterproof and breathable.
1 Pack contains 2 patterns
I). Diameter 0.8 cm x12 pieces.
II). Diameter 1.2 cm x 6 pieces.

Acne liner plate made of hydrocolloids.
Absorb liquids under the skin of acne. Protects skin from
Bacteria and dirty media Skin to return to normal faster.

How to use:
1 cleansing And dry
2 Use the pads off acne on the skin by gently pressing the area around the pads attached to the skin.
3 should be replaced every 12 hours or when the skin turns white pads.

1 Do not apply creams, lotions or makeup before the stick Acne liner plate.
2 Stop using if irritation occurs.
3 packaging is sterilized.
4 Keep it in the shade and dry.

– Do not apply to areas where infectious inflammation.
– Do not eat

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