24g Hypodermic Needle Nipro 24g x 1″


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24g Hypodermic Needle Nipro  24g x 1″ 100 pcs

24g Hypodermic Needle Nipro  24g x 1″. The Nipro Hypodermic Needle has an ultra-thin wall compared to other conventional needles, permitting rapid and efficient drug delivery.

  • A proprietary grinding process results in an exceptionally sharp lancet point able to penetrate tissue smoothly and with minimal trauma
  • Hub is color-coded for accurate, quick identification in or out of the package
  • Hub translucency provides confirmation of flashback
  • Paper-to-plastic packaging is convenient and environmentally friendly
  • 100 pieces per box. Come with box.

A hypodermic needle is a very thin, hollow tube with a sharp tip which contains a small opening at the pointed end. It is commonly used with a syringe, a hand-operated device with a plunger, to inject substances into the body (e.g., saline solution, solutions containing various drugs or liquid medicines) or extract fluids from the body (e.g., blood). They are used to take liquid samples from the body, for example taking blood from a vein in venipuncture. Large bore hypodermic intervention is especially useful in catastrophic blood loss or treating shock.

A hypodermic needle is used for rapid delivery of liquids, or when the injected substance cannot be ingested, either because it would not be absorbed (as with insulin), or because it would harm the liver. There are many possible routes for an injection, with the arm being a common location.

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