Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy with us?

Why buy with us?

  • Genuine Products.
  • Free shipping every item.
  • Every shipment, we provide a tracking number. It’s good for you and us to track the shipment.
  • Reachable. You can contact us anytime. Or we will be contact you back as soon as possible.
  • We pack our product by ourselves. We can make sure that the shipment can arrive without or have very low damages.
  • We always ship new manufacturing date items.
  • Easy payment via PayPal. And you got cover from PayPal Buyer Protection.

For wholesale or any inquiry, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you exist?

Do you ever be in Thailand? Do you ever get into a local store? Yeah, Many Thai products are amazing! Then you get back to your home and wonder how can I get that Thai product again. And some store doesn’t ship worldwide. Yes, I’m here. This is why I exist. I’m here to ship your favourite products.

Which country you don’t ship?

Italy and Nigeria. Sorry about that. 🙁

How long does shipping take to my country and How much does it cost?

In my experiences, It takes around 11-30 days depends on where you live. It usually takes around 13 days to arrived in the United States. Some country like Canada will take around 30 days. I offered almost free shipping. It costs only $2 for a tracking number.  I think it’s a good thing to provide a tracking number for buyers. 🙂

Who are you? Do you have experience doing this?

I work in a wholesale shop. And I work every day. So, I wonder why won’t I just make a side business that I can do while I work here. I have experience in selling these items for many years. I used to sell them on a very big website (I bet you know). But finally, I got banned. Then I have to build it from the ground again. So, I made this website myself and start selling again.

Can I trust your store?

Yes, you can. You can pay via PayPal which is very safe. And you always get Buyers protection from PayPal.

Do you offer an Expedite shipping?

Yes but you have to contact me to make a custom invoice.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

You can contact me directly. I’m very friendly. 🙂